Wednesday, November 11, 2015

How To: Intimidated by Social Media

Remember what I wrote on the previous posts about how miserable I was when I browsed Facebook and saw some friends's "life achievements"?

It always feels like this;


LOL. Dem photo stocks, tho. So accurate.

And remember about the Puppet Master our social survival mammoth tries to please? One of the Puppet Masters is the social media we have these days. Sometimes we're trying to be cool in social media and how we measure the coolness in every photo? We kinda benchmark to celebrities or dem hipster celebrity instagram or just the cool kids we know. But we do not own expensive camera like they do, we do not have a glorious life as they do. And we get depressed and feel bad about ourselves because we're not cool as them. We fail to "please" the Puppet Master.

Or picture this;

(browsing Path) "Wow, she's having a vacation in (an exotic beach)? Damn, I wish I could go there too. If only I didn't get stuck with this exhausting project."

(browsing Instagram) "Huh? He already got himself another girl? What am I doing with my life?"

(browsing Facebook) "Hm, he's leaving for study abroad. Aw, they're hugging. When will I have that moment?"

(browsing whatever social media) "Another baby picture? Give me a break. She's 3 years younger than me and already has kids? My parents would love to see that."

Which one do you have in mind, eh? Don't tell me you never do that.

Well, social media is good to connect with friends, but we are really really have to be careful in using them. We need to be wise. I need to be wise. No more comparing lives. Karena dari membanding-bandingkan lah segala penyakit hati bermunculan.

So, when I found this video, it felt like I was slapped in the face;

I am sure it's not only me. It's like the phenomenon of our generation; smartphone addiction. True that smartphone is "smart" in fetching information fast and easy. But sometimes it has blurred lines in term of "fast and easy". Either it makes us to be productive and actually smart in using it, or it makes us to be fool and wastes our time on it.

Kesimpulannya, dalam menggunakan smartphone dan media sosial, marilah menjadi bijak dan jangan menjadi budak.



  1. Ini apa yg Aku rasakan. Just put your they said smart phone and get a life

  2. I turned off my iphone for the last two days.. I got bliss..

  3. @jaroh @ica agreed

    btw ini kenapa trio warpas gini sih :))